Trejon House

I really enjoy the atmosphere here at Redline. The gyms hosts all range of athletes who are very welcoming and willing to get you up to speed fast with where the rest of the class is at. Being a multidisciplinary gyms allowed to also try new martial arts at any point. Compared to other gyms I’ve attended the price point was a sweet deal and the coaching is very familiar to what I experienced in a previous athletic life

Rommel Artola

I did the trial week at Redline for boxing and it was amazing! I recently moved to the area and redline was the only combat gym that offered a boxing-only class which is what I used to train where I moved from. Being so far away from Seattle, my choices were definitely limited!

Pain & Misfortune

We’re not talking about apples and oranges. We’re talking about technique and fundamentals. This is the place to be!!!

Lilian Melo

Absolutely the best. My kids been going there for about 3 months and love it. Everyone is super nice and feels like family. Highly recommend 😊

Aaron Holguin

Redline MMA is excellent for all ages and all levels of training, instructor is very patient with kids of all ages! Highly recommended!!!!

Hammer Crashmore

Great gym, very clean and great environment to train. Jeremy caters to all ages from day one beginners to advanced strikers and grapplers. If you’re feeling froggy jump you won’t find a better gym and team to join.

Jared parks

Redline is built on professionalism and work ethic. Show up consistently, sweat, and you’ll improve. Coach Jeremy will make sure; the quality of instruction is top-notch. Your fellow students will both support you, and hold you to standard.

Alison Merten

Awesome gym! Coach Jeremy is great with the kids. My 8 year old son loves working with him.

Daniel Han

Im new and have been having a great experience so far. Excellent coach (Jeremy). Good with all ages and skill levels. Always polite, patient, and adapts classes to the level of students.

Aldo Nunez

This gym has great coaches and learned a lot these last 2 months. Came in intimidated but the classes are welcoming and they know alot! Met some great people and looking forward to learning more. So much fun and great workout.