There are many different types of fighting techniques in martial arts. Redline MMA Academy Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a school specializing in specific techniques for people of any age. Our organization is in Everett, WA. Please find our FAQ page below.

Read Our Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to practice to get a black belt?

It is no easy goal. It depends on your physical fitness, persistence, and determination. Also, it depends on the discipline you choose. Our martial arts school offers various training programs with different difficulty levels.

Can boys and girls be in the same group?

Of course. Our Muay Thai training and other programs are educational and efficient for both genders. We have a good mix of girls and boys in programs and teach our students to respect each other, no matter which gender you are.

How much do I have to pay for training?

The prices depend on your preparation and level of training and how often you visit our academy. As soon as we have that basic information, we will compute how much your lessons will cost. Be sure to fill in our online form for more specific details. Plus, our experts provide Free Week Training for Law Enforcement.

How long has your business been around?

Redline MMA Academy has been a renowned martial art school in Everett, WA since 2016.

Can I enroll all my kids (2, 3, or more) in the same classes?

If they are around the same age, yes, you can. But if your children have a vast age difference, we will have to spread them in different classes. In our martial arts school, you can see participants of all ages, even entire families, having a great time together.

What is the best age to begin such training?

We believe that this training has benefits for every age! We focus on developing listening skills and appropriate classroom behavior in a fun and playful way. Our school also offers a great learning atmosphere for all participants. With all the self-defense techniques our tutors teach, we aim to develop skills against bullying, maintaining or improving physical fitness, personal discipline, respect, self-esteem, goal-setting skills, and confidence.

I am confused and don’t know which classes to enroll in. Can you help me?

We offer a long list of specialized martial arts, from kickboxing sparring and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to pure boxing classes, grappling, and Muay Thai classes. We can also teach you all the main MMA fighting methods. Our professional staff recommends the lessons suitable for your age group, preferences, and ability. Our martial art lessons are ideal for both children and adults.

Are you teachers well-trained?

We have gathered a team of the most professionally trained, skilled, and reliable martial arts teachers. They pay attention and monitor the progress of each student. We are also available to discuss any changes you wish to make to your training plan.
Whether you choose Muay Thai Training or any other martial arts we offer, our specialists will be glad to meet with you and offer you more information. Do not hesitate to call our trustworthy academy at (425) 382-8977.